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Home Advisors show disturbing test results on a playground.  The playground is many times more germ-infested than virtually any surface in your home, including your home toilet seat! 

Playground Sanitation

Playgrounds are covered in germs! We wash our children's toys, so why wouldn't we want to  sanitize their playground from germs and bacteria that have been growing on the surface? 

Playgrounds can be a breeding ground for bacteria, making your children sick. Xtreme Clean Softwash uses eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions to ensure your children's health is a top priority! 

Playgrounds to be Sanitized:

  • Neighborhood Playground
  • School Playground
  • Church Playground
  • Local Parks & Playgrounds
  • Fast Food Restaurant Play Areas
  • Your Own Playground!

January -  Shakopee        February - Minneapolis          March - Lakeville

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